Stay safe, stay away from Teka appliances

So on Facebook yesterday, I saw a picture of a friend’s stove top that exploded. It came with her apartment and had been used for less than 5 years.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.33.15 am

She called the company but they nonchalantly told her it was passed the warranty and for her to refer to the condo management.

I think the point isn’t the warranty, it’s that a stove top should not be exploding under normal usage. Upon probing, the management said she wasn’t the first to have this problem.

She has a 2 year old that they were fortunate was not around when this happened and more fortunate that her helped happened to be away from the stove too at the point of the explosion. Imagine what would have happened had she been there. It may have been tempered glass but it would probably be enough to bruise, scratch and very likely blind her.

I would have expected the company to be appalled that something like this could have happened and that even after they heard of these cases, that they would not do anything to prevent future incidents and in this case, simply shirk responsibility. I understand that warranty is over but wear and tear would not cause a stove to explode. If my friend was using the stove for maybe a weird science experiment, i would understand that the company didn’t want to take responsibility.

THIS was normal usage which caused a potentially dangerous outcome. It is simply irresponsible.

Imagine if your child was there. Imagine if your child was hit by the flying shards. Imagine if one of those shards hit her eyes or his eyes. Does it take something like that to happen before people sit up and take notice? Or for the company to decide to warn someone? Or…. will the company at that point say, Nope, warranty is over. It’s none of my business. If you want to be blinded, you should do it within a year of getting our product.  Does it take a lawsuit for a company to take responsibility of the consequences of what their products do?

This post is to warn all of you to steer clear of the company Teka if you’re getting stoves. From a quick check on google it seems my friend was not the only one who received such poor service and whats worse, seems it’s a really pricey English brand.

Friends working with developers, take note when you’re recommending brands to be included in the new apartments.

Friends, stay safe and keep your money away from irresponsible companies.