Are you watching the same movie?

Woke up in the middle of the night and the sadness is just setting in. Have you ever been in a conversation or argument and at some point start wondering what they were talking about or who they were having the conversation with?

I was engaged in one yesterday with a currently ex-friend. Maybe he was right, maybe we weren’t really friends to start with since the dispute started with me not wanting to meet him one on one. The reason again, he did hit the nail on the head that I didn’t feel safe being alone with him.

Initially, i tried to explain and later on, i realised he took pieces of what i said and stacked it up into a story, never once asking me why I felt the way i did nor denied what i said. I honestly did not expect his reaction. He acts all sleazy and acts proud of it yet get angry when I call him on it. We did have some meaningful conversations on chat and I’ve begun to see him as a friend but in person, I haven’t had a chance to proved my impressions wrong yet.

He deleted me off facebook and later engaged on whatzapp. At that point, I wanted to thank him for being in my life and have a proper goodbye. He was angry but I wasn’t engaging in a fight. And the more I tried to disengage, the angrier he got. He kept telling me to go “Fuck yourself” and wouldn’t let go when I tried. He later said I called him names which I did not. It was half amusing and half scary seeing this conversation especially when it ended with him saying

“If you were a guy you’d currently be angling for a punch in your smart-ass face.”

I was tempted to ask if it was a threat.

Maybe I should keep the message in case I get hurt someone in a crowd.

I was also tempted to say that if I were a guy, back when he grabbed me, he would already have gotten a punch to his face.

Admittedly, the last 2 responses I gave, I started getting tired and decided to toy with him a little, saying thank you to everything he said. 2 thank you laters, he decides to threaten me with a punch to my face. Good manners are no longer in fashion… Tsk tsk tsk….

Have decided to leave that alone… Might be kinder to let him think I’m cowering in fear. After all that, I don’t really care what he thinks anymore. And he’s done everything to prove me right. I’m glad I trusted my gut.

Anyways, interestingly, while I was having this conversation, my boyfriend was in the hospital getting checked for injuries he sustained when he got choked and slammed against the gym door. He was engaged in an argument with a woman whom I felt was angling for a fight even though she kept asking my boyfriend to leave her alone. It was exactly like my conversation with my friend. She kept saying leave me alone yet throw in false allegations. And she wanted him to leave which is just not reasonable.

So first she threatened to call in Security, which she did. “I’ll tell them that you’re not wearing shoes and that you don’t have a towel”. Wow…. that is really mature…. Then she threatened to call the police, and later on her “very angry” husband and to be fair, he really was very angry. Angry enough, he came straight in and went nose to nose with my boyfriend trying to provoke him into a fight and shortly after choked him and slammed him against the gym door.

Thankfully my guy didn’t engage, and luckily my phone was functioning and I filmed the whole thing. Ironically, we were the one who called the police.

Upon reflection, I’m really glad both my boyfriend and I didn’t engage and didn’t get sucked into the drama and anger. Also, it’s sad to see how sometimes people get sucked into such drama without really looking at what’s really happening. The mind is the world’s best film director and cinema and within the confines of that space, everything seems to be reality when it may not be. Something to note before you get into that next fight. What’s your story and what’s theirs… Are you both watching the same movie?