Goodbye Tazzy.

My dog passed away over the weekend, 22 August. He would have been 17 this Friday. I thought, what a pity but then again, isn’t it good that he gets to celebrate his birthday free of pain?

One day about 2 months ago, mum called and told me he seemed unwell. And after a harrowing trip to the vet and 3 days of worrying that he would pass in the vet’s office, we brought him home. It wasn’t a happy home coming. We brought him home knowing he would never recover and that it was only a matter of time. We brought him home wondering if it was better if we had brought him in too late and had him passed on that very day. We wonder if he would be suffering knowing he would be on medication and injections for the rest of his remaining days.

Friday, when I visited,  he was in so much pain, he had no strength, not even enough strength to look at us. He couldn’t even look up and when he did,  he just wasn’t there anymore. I left knowing it would probably be the last time I saw him alive. He survived another day and I fully expected to have to accompany my sister to the vet on Sunday to put him down. Saturday night I got a message, ” He just passed on”.

My feelings were mixed. I was glad that he didn’t have to suffer anymore. I was very thankful we didn’t have to make a choice for him. At the same time, Tazzy had been such a cornerstone of my life. He’s been there for more than half my life. It just feels wrong that I’ll never ever go “zzee boy… zee zee boy” ever again. I’ll never see him shake when i tickle his butt again. I’ll never see his prim and proper sitting stance again. I swear that dog is part deer. He’s so delicate. Our girls weren’t half as pretty in behavior.

Tazzy didn’t feel like a typical dog. He’s like a little gentleman. Somehow, that’s what he feels like. He doesn’t open his mouth much so he’s not huffing in your face. He doesn’t slobber and when he licks, it’s quick licks and usually only when we have scabs. He always sits with his feet together and lie down with his paws together. He doesn’t bark unless strangers linger at the door. Another odd thing was that any floor cloth he uses to lie on, is always perfectly flatten out as though it was smoothed out but nobody in the family has ever seen him do it and noone has ever seen him move the cloths even though they do move.

I remember a funny story my ex-bro in law told me of them coming home and checking if Tazzy had gotten out. (He used to jump out of the gate when the humans were out. They were happy when they saw him inside the kitchen but not sure to laugh or cry when they got to the activity room. There was a piece of poo in the room but that wasn’t the best part. It was smack in the middle of a square of toilet paper on the floor. I wish he got a picture cause that’s incredible and really really funny. The sniper pooper… lol.

Another funny story happened when we were in the room and bro in law was pumping the tire of his bike. Well, it went “BOOM” and next thing we knew, the dog was missing. When we went out of the room, we saw the boy there in a defensive position and he issued a single “woof” when he saw us. That was hilarious! So much for protecting us. Tsk Tsk…. The silly boy was also afraid of thunder and always hides when it rains. When he was staying at my place, i cleared out a cupboard space so he had somewhere to hide so I know where to find him.

He doesn’t bother you much for cuddles usually but don’t mind them when you give them. He didn’t really like heights though and always stiffens up when you carry him. It usually looked pretty funny. But he will always sit next to you when you’re upset. For me, he just sits right in front of me with his back facing me and sits there with me. If you look at him and talk, he’ll just patiently sit with you. It’s like he could sense when you needed him. I think he was part human too. Almost uncanny.

My sister shared the story of how she got Tazzy. She went to the pet store looking for a male Jack Russel. And while looking at puppies, this 2 month old Jack Russel came up behind and sniffed her butt. He was being returned cause the owners didn’t have the time to take care of him and had to keep him locked up in the bathroom. It was like it was meant to be. My sister brought him home and it was one of the best decisions she had ever made.

Thank you Tazzy for being the best dog we could ever hope to find. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. Thank you for giving us another 2 months so we could spend time with you. Thank you for the joys you have given us and I trust there is no more pain where you’ve gone and no more thunder too.

Dogs are pure love people. Only have them if you can take care of them and they will give you everything they’ve got.  Tazzy was really a very remarkable little man. I’m not sure if i’ll get another dog again. Although I’m truly thankful for having had Tazzy in my life. He was truly a blessing.

Looked through some of our old photos and don’t even remember Tazzy looking like that as a puppy. Also remembering our two other lovely girls. I miss them all. Have attached some of our memories of Tazzy and our 2 other wonderful dogs, Patches and Shyrah as well so you can share in our memories.

I love you Tazzy, Patches and Shyrah. Goodbye. It had been a wonderful journey.