Stay safe, stay away from Teka appliances

So on Facebook yesterday, I saw a picture of a friend’s stove top that exploded. It came with her apartment and had been used for less than 5 years.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.33.15 am

She called the company but they nonchalantly told her it was passed the warranty and for her to refer to the condo management.

I think the point isn’t the warranty, it’s that a stove top should not be exploding under normal usage. Upon probing, the management said she wasn’t the first to have this problem.

She has a 2 year old that they were fortunate was not around when this happened and more fortunate that her helped happened to be away from the stove too at the point of the explosion. Imagine what would have happened had she been there. It may have been tempered glass but it would probably be enough to bruise, scratch and very likely blind her.

I would have expected the company to be appalled that something like this could have happened and that even after they heard of these cases, that they would not do anything to prevent future incidents and in this case, simply shirk responsibility. I understand that warranty is over but wear and tear would not cause a stove to explode. If my friend was using the stove for maybe a weird science experiment, i would understand that the company didn’t want to take responsibility.

THIS was normal usage which caused a potentially dangerous outcome. It is simply irresponsible.

Imagine if your child was there. Imagine if your child was hit by the flying shards. Imagine if one of those shards hit her eyes or his eyes. Does it take something like that to happen before people sit up and take notice? Or for the company to decide to warn someone? Or…. will the company at that point say, Nope, warranty is over. It’s none of my business. If you want to be blinded, you should do it within a year of getting our product.  Does it take a lawsuit for a company to take responsibility of the consequences of what their products do?

This post is to warn all of you to steer clear of the company Teka if you’re getting stoves. From a quick check on google it seems my friend was not the only one who received such poor service and whats worse, seems it’s a really pricey English brand.

Friends working with developers, take note when you’re recommending brands to be included in the new apartments.

Friends, stay safe and keep your money away from irresponsible companies.

Are you watching the same movie?

Woke up in the middle of the night and the sadness is just setting in. Have you ever been in a conversation or argument and at some point start wondering what they were talking about or who they were having the conversation with?

I was engaged in one yesterday with a currently ex-friend. Maybe he was right, maybe we weren’t really friends to start with since the dispute started with me not wanting to meet him one on one. The reason again, he did hit the nail on the head that I didn’t feel safe being alone with him.

Initially, i tried to explain and later on, i realised he took pieces of what i said and stacked it up into a story, never once asking me why I felt the way i did nor denied what i said. I honestly did not expect his reaction. He acts all sleazy and acts proud of it yet get angry when I call him on it. We did have some meaningful conversations on chat and I’ve begun to see him as a friend but in person, I haven’t had a chance to proved my impressions wrong yet.

He deleted me off facebook and later engaged on whatzapp. At that point, I wanted to thank him for being in my life and have a proper goodbye. He was angry but I wasn’t engaging in a fight. And the more I tried to disengage, the angrier he got. He kept telling me to go “Fuck yourself” and wouldn’t let go when I tried. He later said I called him names which I did not. It was half amusing and half scary seeing this conversation especially when it ended with him saying

“If you were a guy you’d currently be angling for a punch in your smart-ass face.”

I was tempted to ask if it was a threat.

Maybe I should keep the message in case I get hurt someone in a crowd.

I was also tempted to say that if I were a guy, back when he grabbed me, he would already have gotten a punch to his face.

Admittedly, the last 2 responses I gave, I started getting tired and decided to toy with him a little, saying thank you to everything he said. 2 thank you laters, he decides to threaten me with a punch to my face. Good manners are no longer in fashion… Tsk tsk tsk….

Have decided to leave that alone… Might be kinder to let him think I’m cowering in fear. After all that, I don’t really care what he thinks anymore. And he’s done everything to prove me right. I’m glad I trusted my gut.

Anyways, interestingly, while I was having this conversation, my boyfriend was in the hospital getting checked for injuries he sustained when he got choked and slammed against the gym door. He was engaged in an argument with a woman whom I felt was angling for a fight even though she kept asking my boyfriend to leave her alone. It was exactly like my conversation with my friend. She kept saying leave me alone yet throw in false allegations. And she wanted him to leave which is just not reasonable.

So first she threatened to call in Security, which she did. “I’ll tell them that you’re not wearing shoes and that you don’t have a towel”. Wow…. that is really mature…. Then she threatened to call the police, and later on her “very angry” husband and to be fair, he really was very angry. Angry enough, he came straight in and went nose to nose with my boyfriend trying to provoke him into a fight and shortly after choked him and slammed him against the gym door.

Thankfully my guy didn’t engage, and luckily my phone was functioning and I filmed the whole thing. Ironically, we were the one who called the police.

Upon reflection, I’m really glad both my boyfriend and I didn’t engage and didn’t get sucked into the drama and anger. Also, it’s sad to see how sometimes people get sucked into such drama without really looking at what’s really happening. The mind is the world’s best film director and cinema and within the confines of that space, everything seems to be reality when it may not be. Something to note before you get into that next fight. What’s your story and what’s theirs… Are you both watching the same movie?

Goodbye Tazzy.

My dog passed away over the weekend, 22 August. He would have been 17 this Friday. I thought, what a pity but then again, isn’t it good that he gets to celebrate his birthday free of pain?

One day about 2 months ago, mum called and told me he seemed unwell. And after a harrowing trip to the vet and 3 days of worrying that he would pass in the vet’s office, we brought him home. It wasn’t a happy home coming. We brought him home knowing he would never recover and that it was only a matter of time. We brought him home wondering if it was better if we had brought him in too late and had him passed on that very day. We wonder if he would be suffering knowing he would be on medication and injections for the rest of his remaining days.

Friday, when I visited,  he was in so much pain, he had no strength, not even enough strength to look at us. He couldn’t even look up and when he did,  he just wasn’t there anymore. I left knowing it would probably be the last time I saw him alive. He survived another day and I fully expected to have to accompany my sister to the vet on Sunday to put him down. Saturday night I got a message, ” He just passed on”.

My feelings were mixed. I was glad that he didn’t have to suffer anymore. I was very thankful we didn’t have to make a choice for him. At the same time, Tazzy had been such a cornerstone of my life. He’s been there for more than half my life. It just feels wrong that I’ll never ever go “zzee boy… zee zee boy” ever again. I’ll never see him shake when i tickle his butt again. I’ll never see his prim and proper sitting stance again. I swear that dog is part deer. He’s so delicate. Our girls weren’t half as pretty in behavior.

Tazzy didn’t feel like a typical dog. He’s like a little gentleman. Somehow, that’s what he feels like. He doesn’t open his mouth much so he’s not huffing in your face. He doesn’t slobber and when he licks, it’s quick licks and usually only when we have scabs. He always sits with his feet together and lie down with his paws together. He doesn’t bark unless strangers linger at the door. Another odd thing was that any floor cloth he uses to lie on, is always perfectly flatten out as though it was smoothed out but nobody in the family has ever seen him do it and noone has ever seen him move the cloths even though they do move.

I remember a funny story my ex-bro in law told me of them coming home and checking if Tazzy had gotten out. (He used to jump out of the gate when the humans were out. They were happy when they saw him inside the kitchen but not sure to laugh or cry when they got to the activity room. There was a piece of poo in the room but that wasn’t the best part. It was smack in the middle of a square of toilet paper on the floor. I wish he got a picture cause that’s incredible and really really funny. The sniper pooper… lol.

Another funny story happened when we were in the room and bro in law was pumping the tire of his bike. Well, it went “BOOM” and next thing we knew, the dog was missing. When we went out of the room, we saw the boy there in a defensive position and he issued a single “woof” when he saw us. That was hilarious! So much for protecting us. Tsk Tsk…. The silly boy was also afraid of thunder and always hides when it rains. When he was staying at my place, i cleared out a cupboard space so he had somewhere to hide so I know where to find him.

He doesn’t bother you much for cuddles usually but don’t mind them when you give them. He didn’t really like heights though and always stiffens up when you carry him. It usually looked pretty funny. But he will always sit next to you when you’re upset. For me, he just sits right in front of me with his back facing me and sits there with me. If you look at him and talk, he’ll just patiently sit with you. It’s like he could sense when you needed him. I think he was part human too. Almost uncanny.

My sister shared the story of how she got Tazzy. She went to the pet store looking for a male Jack Russel. And while looking at puppies, this 2 month old Jack Russel came up behind and sniffed her butt. He was being returned cause the owners didn’t have the time to take care of him and had to keep him locked up in the bathroom. It was like it was meant to be. My sister brought him home and it was one of the best decisions she had ever made.

Thank you Tazzy for being the best dog we could ever hope to find. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. Thank you for giving us another 2 months so we could spend time with you. Thank you for the joys you have given us and I trust there is no more pain where you’ve gone and no more thunder too.

Dogs are pure love people. Only have them if you can take care of them and they will give you everything they’ve got.  Tazzy was really a very remarkable little man. I’m not sure if i’ll get another dog again. Although I’m truly thankful for having had Tazzy in my life. He was truly a blessing.

Looked through some of our old photos and don’t even remember Tazzy looking like that as a puppy. Also remembering our two other lovely girls. I miss them all. Have attached some of our memories of Tazzy and our 2 other wonderful dogs, Patches and Shyrah as well so you can share in our memories.

I love you Tazzy, Patches and Shyrah. Goodbye. It had been a wonderful journey.



Life oh life…. are you passing me by?

I woke up with a panic attack this morning. Not sure if I had an overdose of my brain re-training or if my brain is just really messed up after my conversation with a good friend last night.

Seems I’m abit of a commitment phobe and have reached a point of resignation… for life, for anything really at this point of time. Sounds about right.

You know how people ask you what you would do if you had all the money in the world?

All I have in my head is a table outside a cafe with no name… White walls, cobblestone pavement and a feeling of the sea down the road…


Seems the fear of missing life is making me miss it right now…

I need to start committing to life I guess…. I need more faith…


Where is that cafe I wonder….


The Cat that ain’t walkin’

Was just talking to a friend about how you can teach people something but you can’t make them do it? Try doing it to a cat!

A funny video I saw during lunch to boost my dreary Monday morning… I kinda feel like this cat today…. soooo sooo sleepy!

Hope you had a good laugh. I did. Have a great week everyone!

Ah life

Life didn't go as planned


This pop up today. Something I posted on Facebook about a year back. Reading it again, I it still resonates with me.

Some of you know that I was supposed to take my grade 8 exams yesterday but at 7.30 in the morning, I got a call that said the exam was postponed. Turns out the examiner was sick. Now a few years back, I would probably have had a fit. I still think it’s irresponsible. The board should have had a back-up plan. There’s going to be crazy scheduling now on their part plus all the people including me who took leave off work and off school. The people who put their lives on hold, who paid for classes and studio practices. The implications is pretty big. I don’t think it’s ever happened before. At least not in the 20 years of teaching 2 of my teachers did.

Anyway, just thinking back on my mindset in the past. I’ve always felt my way was correct and if anyone behaved  or thought differently, they were probably wrong and I was so adamant about making sure they see that. And if things don’t go as planned, I’ll get upset for hours after. Nowadays, I shrug off so much more. Betrayal, disrespect, being stood up, they somehow don’t bother me as much anymore. I’ve gone on a path where I’ll do to the best where my influence is and leave the rest. So if I know an information someone has is incorrect, I’ll let them know what i know and leave them to make their own conclusion. If I want my life a certain way, I’ll do the best to head there as best as I could but if things changes, I’ll roll with it.

I applied for a HR job. I knew I wanted to work either with people or with publicity. I ended up getting a job with the company my interviewer went to for his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. I think it’s a better match than what I applied for.

My life still isn’t what I want yet. I’m slowly getting a better picture and in the past few years, it seems I’m drifting in the right direction. Not really in terms of work yet but in terms of social circle. In terms of a job now, It seems a little better than things I’ve done before. It’s slow but all I can do is going step by step forward. I used to live alot in the past. I should have done this or that… Get hung up on words I shouldn’t have spoken. I still do that here and there but I’ve learnt to recognise it better and i’m better able to stop my spiraling nowadays.

Nowadays, I let the past lie as much as I can and give the rest of my resources, including time and effort to people I care about. People whom I don’t feel worth my time, I just ditch them altogether. Any time I waste on someone I don’t like could have been spent on someone I DO like. And the latter will add more value to my life. I do what serves me I guess. Maybe it’s selfish but I can’t force a cow to water. I can tell the cow the water is there but it’s up to him if he want to drink.

Life isn’t what I planned but maybe life has something better planned… Who knows… C’est la vie

Not so pretty baby?

I remember a conversation between 2 colleagues a long time back. One of them was complimenting the other on how cute her baby was and that colleague went:

Colleague 1: Aren’t all babies cute?

Colleague 2: No….You know some babies where you go…

Ah….. Boy ah? That’s nice….

Well, when you can’t be honest… Try diversion…

ugly baby

Hope you don’t need too many of these diversion for the rest of the week….

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Saw a post on Facebook on Tuesday. It said:

“I hate small talk.
I wanna talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, the lies you’ve told, your flaws, your favorite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurity and fears.
I like people with depth, who speak with emotion, a twisted mind.
I don’t want to know “what’s up”.”

I agree. I don’t like the mindless small talk, the need to say something that lead to exchange of information we don’t really care about. I always get a little taken off guard when people say “Wassup?” or maybe more correctly “What’s up?”. I wonder what people expect from that question?

I sometimes tease people. Here are some of my responses:

” Oh… The sky of course”

” Erm…. The ceiling?” 

” AC” 


One time, I went


We had Christmas decorations up then…. We had angels all over the ceiling of our department. If I remember right, I hung them up there. Lol…. The look of bewilderment on her face was … It was too much fun…

Well, guess what I’ll say if someone asked me that question today…


Next time someone asks you “Wassup?”

Say “BALLOONS! ” then walk away sniggering…

Happy long weekend everyone!

Balloons! Balloons! wooooo…….